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                                     Legendary Motocross Bikes

Legendary Motocross Bikes is a 160 page book covering 20 factory works bikes in a format that has never been done before. Each bike is described in detail from a technical point of view and from a performance point of view. Plus, the riders that steered these amazing bikes to victory describe what it was like riding them, what put it ahead of the competition and what memorable moments happened along the way. The book features many never told before stories such as Roger DeCoster's account of his dramatic 1973 championship season and how he modified his own works Suzuki to save the title. DeCoster also tells about testing the only monoshock works Suzuki (before Yamaha bought the patent) plus featured is the only photo of him riding it. Joel Robert describes what it was like to ride his incredible 168 lb. works Suzuki that delivered him his sixth and final world championship. Also, what really happened when Marty Tripes' works Honda was claimed at Hangtown in 1979. Marty Tripes, Honda team manager Gunnar Lindstrom and the claimer John Roeder tell their stories for the first time in 30 years. How about Bob Hannah's account of developing the awesome OW40, the bike that took him to his last of seven championships. Was the OW40 really the best Yamaha Hannah ever rode? Did you know Kent Howerton was almost lured into signing with Honda after his 1980 AMA championship?  Learn why and how HRC was formed and the secrets behind Honda's incredible dynasty that lasted over 10 years. The reader will have incredible access to these historical bikes through detailed photography as well as never before seen archive shots from the riders own personal collections. This book is an irresistible celebration of the works bike era that will provide hours and hours of great reading.

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       Bikes & Riders Featured In Book:

o         Chapter 1              1961 Monark/Lito                           Sten Lundin                     

o         Chapter 2              1971 Yamaha YZ250                    Torsten Hallman              

o         Chapter 3              1972 Suzuki RH72                        Joel Robert                        

o         Chapter 4              1973 Suzuki RN73                        Roger DeCoster        

o         Chapter 5              1973 Yamaha YZ250                    Hakan Andersson            

o         Chapter 6              1974 Yamaha OW13                    Tom Kratzer                       

o         Chapter 7              1976 Yamaha OW27                    Bob Hannah                      

o         Chapter 8              1976 Honda RC500M                  Pierre Karsmakers            

o         Chapter 9              1976 Puch 400                              Joel Robert                        

o         Chapter 10            1977 Honda RC500M                  Jim Pomeroy                     

o         Chapter 11            1979 Honda RC250M                  Marty Tripes                       

o         Chapter 12            1979 Yamaha OW40                    Bob Hannah                      

o         Chapter 13            1980 Suzuki RH80                        Kent Howerton                  

o         Chapter 14            1980 Yamaha OW41                    Rick Burgett                       

o         Chapter 15            1980 Mugen ME125                      Johnny O’Mara                  

o         Chapter 16            1981 Honda RC250M                  Johnny O'Mara                  

o         Chapter 17            1985 Honda RC500M                  Andre Malherbe                

o         Chapter 18            1986 Honda RC250M                  Ricky Johnson                  

o         Chapter 19            1987 Honda RC250M                  Eric Geboers                     

o         Chapter 20            1989 Honda RC500M                  Eric Geboers


                                                 Sample outtake photos