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               Hello Terry,

               Took an initial look at your new
             Really well done. One of the best vintage sites I've
             seen and I do a lot of searching and surfing! Will
             take many visits to take it all in, and I look forward
             to your adding more.
                                       With gratitude, Robert Haag

             Really an incredible nice web-site - and I am proud of getting the nicest
             presentation! I will follow the progress on a regular basis and will also send
             some pix in the near future for you to use on the site. I will dig down deep in
             my files to see if I will find some interesting things!
             Say hello to your family!
             Torsten Hallman

                          Dear Terry,
                               I enjoyed your website. I'm a Hallman fan so it was especially cool.
                                                                                                                Ed Sims                     
                          Hi Terry,
                          Mark Hilderbrand here. I just wanted to tell you your site is WONDERFUL! Keep up the good work.


                       Hi Terry,  I've found your awesome site. Keep up the good work!!    Guy Jamar 


                             Dear Terry,
                             Just a few words to let you know how important your is to the vintage
                             MX community.
                             Being an European from Portugal I followed US motocross since 1975, buying at the time
                             MiniCycle Action and MX Action Magazines. I still have most part of magazines from 1975 to
                             1990, so, everything you have in your collection it’s very familiar to me!
                             Congratulations for your great page! It makes me go back 25 years!
                             Thanks for bringing memories alive!
                             Kindest Regards
                             Andre Holstein Castro


         Hey Terry, Great collection of works bikes. I always wondered what happened 
         to all that cool stuff from the 70's. I am a big Marty Smith fan so I really enjoy
         the Hondas the most. Loved looking at all your stuff and keep up the great work.
         I stop in from time to time.   Jed Falk 


           Fantastic site. Good work! Especially the pictures of those work bikes from the 70s.

           As a motocross fan of especially the 70s a lot of memories came above to that wonderful time.

           I’m looking forward to what you add still more. Lots of success with the site.


           Jan-Willem van Essen, the Netherlands.



           Terry, great site! You have some of the best bikes on this planet. We all wanted to be Marty Smith
           or Bob Hannah at one time. When I visit  Calif I have to go to the old Saddleback race park area.
           I just re-live the old days for a few minutes. Your site sure brings back the golden days of motocross. Dino

     I have not been able to cover the entire site but have been on your new web
     site for a half an hour or so and man is it great!! It's one thing to be
     fortunate enough to be able to own all those great bikes but to take the time
     to develop the web site and share them with us less fortunate is above and
     beyond the call of duty. Thanks so much for letting the rest of us share in
     your knowledge and love for that era. I'll be checking it quite often.


Awesome website!  It’s great that you have made the effort to do all this.  It is important for our sport and athletes to keep track of all the innovations and achievements.  It would be great to keep an eye on the current Works bikes currently racing in Japan and Europe to add to your or someone’s collection.

Thanks again,


I have just cruised onto your site and want to send you a message of support.
Great site, love it! Please keep going.
I write the newsletter for our local VMX club in Perth, Australia and will
give your site a big plug. If you want to download any photos from our
gallery, then go for it.
Paul Berdal


What a great website, you are to be commended for preserving the history of Motocross thru the video's and bikes you have.
Rick Salazar

Holy Smokes Terry
Totally bitchen
How cool is Joel's works 250 downpiper? / How about you on your Mugen?
Plus everything else
Ill dig up some stuff this week (promise) like
                  Tech sheets
                  Old photos of the day (mechanics / bikes / etc)
Someday we'll do an interview of whatever
Totally way way cool
Good luck with it
Dave Arnold


Hallo Terry
Great Web-site. I am proud to have one of my Yamaha factory-bikes from 1973 in your collection, and I believe it's a great idea to start a Web-site, there everyone in the whole world can look at your fantastic collection, and I am sure it will be a great success in the future.
Håkan Andersson


Hi Terry,
I Just found your web page linked on Mark's Nightmare Racing web site and wanted to let you know that you have the COOLEST bikes & web site that I have ever seen. .also back in the early '90's I had a small off-road shop in S.C. and I use to buy Tecnosel seat cover & decal kits from a place in IL. would that have been you?.. Thanks, Buddy Johnson 


Hey, Terry. Brian Sneathen Here from Indiana. How have you been doing? Just wanted to write in and say your site is SUPER COOL! You have done a great job with the site. I know how much work it is to do this. I thank you for taking the time to make this site possible. This is the best most interesting Vintage Motocross site I have ever seen on the web, as I knew it would be when you were telling me about it when you were building it. I know how much more you have to show us all. I look forward to seeing your updates and changes. Just let me know if I can help you with anything. Again well done and thanks, Terry. THANKS, BRIAN.


Terry, Congratulations!  Scott and You have done a great job on keeping the true spirit of Motocross alive forever!  I am really impressed, Keep up the good work, look forward to visiting your site over and over.  (PS on the OW Yamahas, what numbers match with the years?) Alan Burke


Hi Terry,
Great job on the website. It has the potential to become the premium gathering place for MX history.   
Also, I'll be scanning some more "stuff" and sending it to you as soon as I can find a hole in my agenda. 
Much appreciated that you'll be able to assist with the ring.
Thanks and Best Regards,
Bill Buchka

Hey Terry,

I have gone thru your site a few times now. It is a great way to remember the old MX days. It makes sense to collect this historical library – nice job! Ray Kline

I have just run through your web-site. I didn't have the time to go through everything. Since my father was a Yamaha dealer from 1963 to 1973, I am really interested in the Yamaha racing history.  I have enjoyed the pictures of the vintage YZ's. I will keep checking for updates.    Robert Wilson

I thought you might like some of these pics. They are from the Canadian GP in 79 and 80. You have an awesome website.
Claude Giguere
Terry-  Thank you so much for bring the bikes and races, I've dreamed of since I was in grade school. Please find more 70's-80's Motocross/GP and Supercross video's and put them on DVD. You are doing more for the history of Motocross then anybody or group out there. Keep up the good work. 
Thanks Jon Forsell

Very cool site you have launched! I happened across it while doing some more
study on my old friend ROCKET Rex Staten of whom I've recently launched a new
website in his honor.
I really appreciate your dedication of time, energy and resources in building
your collection, the MX world needs never to forget the good old days of HP and
shear guts of the riders that I and im sure you consider far superior in
character and style as compared to the modern mx'er. Anyway, great job, love it, keep up the good work and be good.
Eric Johnson
OLD S'CooL Restorations

Terry, thank you VERY much for this website, I really really like the 76' and 77' works RC-500 pics, any 70's RC Honda pics are great, if you could find a works 76' RC-250 Type 2 that would be the ultimate, even pics of this bike are rare. Anyway thanks a million for this website, the MX community has needed this for a long time, keep up the great work.        Sincerely, John Fuqua

Terry your site just gave me 2 hours of wonderful memories, thank you. 

Marty Moates


For us old guys there is not a better site on the Web.
For you yonger guys, look and learn. It's all about the riders, the bikes, and the rest of the folks that lived the birth of American Motocross. Thank you for what has to have been an incredible amount of work.
Larry Maiers

Dear Terry, 
Really enjoyed spending a couple of hours checking out your works bikes website. I was amazed at the detail you have on some of the works bikes listed. The AMA really did halt the development of motocross with it's production rule. 
Like you, I remember looking in awe at the unobtainable works bikes, especially the Honda's with their coke bottle shaped works swingarms. 
Keep up the good work and info on the works bikes that deserve their own place in the history and fokelore of our sport. 
Rob Kinsey 

Hey terry

I’m tarek saba , my family and I used to own one of the largest Suzuki dealers in the southern California area called orange county Suzuki , we helped out a lot of mx racers from the early seventies to 2003.many became famous champs. I used buy tecnosel seats from you all the time and other EU stuff to sell in our store. Just wanted to say hello after seeing your site, Its really cool. It seems the old day were so much cooler then now? I love reading and seeing all the cool early stuff. Keep up the great site  Tarek Saba

Hi Terry
Being a kid in New Zealand and growing up when the first CR's were released in 1973 and seeing pictures of Marty Smith in MXA I  was his double down there, even down to his Jofa mouth guard!! So awesome to see these pristine machines, what a trip down memory lane.
My son thinks I'm crazy ogling these "old" bikes but they are awesome. Great job!   Ben
Thanks for the information regarding your new website.  How refreshing to visit a vintage web site that fulfils all expectations.  Great archive pictures and articles, all put together by an enthusiast with a true passion for the `golden era' of motocross.  Thanks for sharing your passion on the web and, I look forward to the further development of your site.
Glenn Marriott

Hello, Terry  I just wanna tell you that i think mx is the best vintage mx site that i ever seen keep up the awesome job and thank you again!!  craig

Hi Terry

First off, I’d like to congratulate you on a fine website and an absolutely awesome collection of motocross-related memorabilia. It was an absolute pleasure to spend time going through each page, and re-acquainting myself with some of the greatest bikes ever to turn a wheel on an MX track. For the ones from Europe, like Eric Geboers’ ’89 CR500, it makes me proud to say I’ve seen that bike in action, and it looks as good today as it did when I first saw it over sixteen years ago.

Once again, I tip my hat to you for having amassed a great collection, and rest assured I’ll be checking back regularly to see what other delights you’re able to share with MX enthusiasts everywhere.   Many Thanks    Alex Kwiatkowski

Hi Terry!
You have a awesome site. Brings back alot of memories of back in day. I worked at a shop with Glen Appling and knew him and his family pretty well.  I just got out of the Air Force and worked at a couple shops in O.C. and helped with several Pro riders  and was lucky enough to do the nationals in the late '70s and early 80's.
Thanks again
Chuck Hanson


Hello Terry,

I read the interview and all is good.

I really enjoyed your web site, you must put a tremendous amount of time into this.

It is very nice to see that someone like you is preserving history, this way all the things that were created before will be more appreciated probably by the people who love motocross today. I am still riding a lot off-road with my friends over here and the first week of October I am trail riding the course of the six days trials in Slovakia, I know somebody there who is going to be our guide and he promised me that we will be doing a lot of scary up and downhills in the TATRA mountains. Nowadays my offroad bikes are a WR450  CRF450 and a CRF250X.

I love all these bikes.

But most of all I loved the bike that you display on your website, you know the one in red. I wish I still owned it, but you know what happened and you are the owner now, it is a good feeling that it is in very good hands now.

Best regards, and I will be watching your good work frequently now!!!!!!

Pierre Karsmakers


You should consider having a high quality wall calendar for 2006 made up for sale on your site. You have so many wonderful photos that you could use. You could have a paragraph of your commentary on the side of each photo explaining its significance.
I'll bet that people like myself who really enjoy the material on your website would be willing to pay $10-20 for one to hang in their office at work or in their workshop at home.
Mark Lafferty

Terry - I think the calendar idea is a good one.  Can you do this?

regards and keep up the good work - awesome web site

Ross Campbell
Perth Western Australia

Mr Good,
It was long over due, but finally thanks to you, a very informative web site featuring the bikes we all remember, but can never find good pictures of, now exists.  Nice to know the once forgotten treasures of an unforgettable era gone by have found their way into the hands and home of someone who truly appreciates them. We are all fortunate to have a site to visit such as this. Thank you for making it happen.
Joe Abbate
Cycle Therapy


Hi Terry,

I just found your website. Job well done! 

Even thou I have pursued other interests for the last several years, I still have all the stuff I got from you in the past only for sentimental reasons. Your website reinforced the great admiration I had for your collection and for sure brought back many memories. Thank you!   My regards to Cindy and the kids,  Oscar Azevedo

Hey Terry, this is an incredible website. I am a 39
year old mx racer from the late 70's early 80's. I
grew up on Bob Hannah and Johnny O' and that whole
crowd so seeing these great vintage works bikes from
that era is a dream come true. I am always scanning the
internet for sites and photos about the older works
bike and you have it all here. keep up the great work
and I will pass your site onto every mx fan I know.

Daniel Johnston

Helloooo Terry,
I've just gone through your website and I was blown away!  Your restorations, photos, and insight into the original construction of works motocross bikes is very interesting reading.  I also enjoyed the rare photos, interviews, and updates of my favorite riders.  I am going to be checking in all the time now.  You are doing excellent work for our sport. 
                                                                                                                              I Sincerely Thank You,
                                                                                                                                    Mark Baird   
Hello Terry,
I just received the November 2005 issue of Dirt Bike magazine that featured your Karsmaker RC 500 and provided your website address. I really enjoyed surfing your site and viewing the un-obtainable exotic works bikes. This certainly reminded me of the time when American moto-cross was in it's infancy and those of us that had production dirt bikes drooled at the exotic one-off's the pro's were provided by the factories. The brilliant engineering and quality craftsmanship that went into producing those bikes have withstood the test of time -  all the bikes you have collected still evoke the same passion for the equipment now,  as it did back then. Keep up the good work! I plan on visiting your site often to watch it evolve much like moto-cross has over the years.    
Guy Lake
Hi Terry,
 I saw the article in Dirt Bike magazine that featured Pierre Karsmaker's RC 500.  After reading the article I immediately went to your website.  It is awesome!  You must have dedicated hours and hours into this venture.  You deserve credit for your vision and dedication.  I would write to the Queen to ask her to give you an MBE or OBE, but I don't think she's into dirt bikes!  I'm from Manchester, England and I remember watching Pierre race at Doddington Park in the south of England in 1974 (I think). He was amazing.  He was flying, even lapping faster than De Coster!  Unfortunately, he snapped the footrests in one race, and snapped the frame in another.  Thanks again for your website, it brought back some very happy memories to a 54 year old dirt rider.
Alan Hodson



            What a site. A man after my own heart. I am 52 years young and lived the seventies Moto-X days.  Raced a Suzuki TM125. Remember all the big names during that era. Looking real hard at getting into Vintage racing. Your Web Site just made up my mind. Have a good selection of vintage (60-70’s) street scramblers ( Suzuki TC250 , Honda CL77, Kawasaki A7SS) but think I may shift my time to Motocross.  Keep up the good work.  

John Ferreira

Hey Terry,  

Your site is an outstanding well of mx info!  It’s not often that I find a web site where I find out old school mx info that I hadn’t heard before.  It’s even cooler that you have guys that were my earliest mx heroes, like Hakan Andersson and Pierre Karsmakers, writing you, pining for their old works bikes!  Sorry, Pierre!  LOL!  I have tons of old school pics, let me know if I can contribute in some way.  You can check out some of it at my website

Regards,  Steve Bauer

Hey Terry, 
Glad to see you've still got the whole works bike thing going. But what I really want to know is this: do you still have a 1976 YZ125C parked in the laundry room? And that Marshall stack parked in the living room. I got wind of that Tripes bike a while back and I'm glad to see it ended up in your collection. What a great story. 
Next time I'm back in Chicago I'll see if you're around and maybe we can go over to Red Bud and I can try that triple jump again. Hope you're doing great. 
Fran Kuhn

Dear Terry, 
Thank you for offering up a deal I could not refuse on the 5 DVD set. I just finished watching the 125 USGP (Very Loud as suggested). I have had a difficult time finding any results other than O'Mara winning it. Also I am sure your educated eye caught Stefan Everts cleaning his dad's bike after practice. No wonder he became as good as he did being exposed to things as he did. You and it seems your son are a real asset to Motocross history and I am forever indebted for your work and passion. 
Lou Blanchard 
Portland, OR 

Terry, Great website! I have spent over an hour on it and am still in Heaven! Thanks for sharing your collection online and keep up the good work!
 Your site defines the "Golden Era" of Motocross!
Randy Hackett AMA# 665 District 14 MX  (1973-1980)
I have been a fan of MX since 1976.  I remember the European bikes. I am hoping you will find and display some of these incredible machines.  Notably, Maico, Bultaco, Ossa, Penton, Husqvarna.
Best site on the web for MX fans.
Thanks Terry. 
Ron Alexander

My name is Dave Shelton and I met you at Mammoth Mountian in 90 when the first
aluminum 125 CR125 I ever saw was right there in the parking lot for
some condos where you were staying. I talked with you for a few minutes
and you were convinced that I knew what I was doing and INVITED ME TO
I was there to only get some fork stickers but WOW!  You made me a factory
works tech/mechanic for a night! What a blast, I will remember it
forever. I found out about you and On The Line Racing through a friend
of mine at the time that I was living in near San Luis Obispo Ca. His
name is Frank Villa and his younger borther Paul was a local pro. Frank
and I had a real passion for Works bikes too of course. I remember he
even had an aluminum tank on his RM250.
What a site! I have some photos of the 85 RC's from Anaheim that you
would love to see!
Dave Shelton
Tucson, Az.

Hello Terry,

I really enjoy to watch your collection, every Mx fan
would like to have the same collection of great bikes
in his garage.
It reminds a lot of 'souvenirs! for belgian mx fans.

Michaël Censier

PS :Maybe we'll see you with your bikes at vintage
race in Namur before the GP ?

Good job Terry!  Glad to see the collection has grown.  The stories are a
great read also.  Will have to check in more often as the site develops.
Best regards,
Scott Swinehart

 Hey, fantastic website. I can't tell you how much time I've spent pouring over the images, and the text is fascinating. It's great to see such great close ups and read the tech details of the bikes that were so mystical back when I was a kid. I had seen some of your collection in the past in various magazines. I must have read the articles in Dirt Bike about Hannah's OW and Robert's RH a dozen times. It's great that someone gives these bikes the treatment that they deserve.
 One thing that I find really interesting is how you found these bikes, or their history after they were through racing. Some of the stories (if I have them right), like the works Suzukis sitting out in the shed in England, or the OW that you found in the AMA officials yard blows my mind. The fact that the factories would just forget about these bikes after all the time and money that they invested is amazing to me. If you could give a quick description of how you came into possession of some of these bikes, or what they did after they were done racing, I would love it.
 Anyway, thanks for the website and have a great new year.
Jim Dyer


Hello terry,
I just checked out your site and it brought back a lot of memories from the 70s & 80s.  i was a three digit wannabe just like many other guys were back then.  we're the riders that make the fast guys look good.  keep up the good work.  i have a lot of old pix i can share if i ever find the time to scan them.  I've enclosed a sample. 500 support class, 1978 agency, Missouri.  i think i got somewhere around 21st.
it's pretty clear that we crossed paths sometime during our pro riding days.  i too was a pro mx wanderer, from Arkansas but moving around following the nationals and supercross.  i got my license in Memphis, moved to San Jose, back to Arkansas, to west palm beach, back to Arkansas, back to San Jose, back to Arkansas, moved to Belgium, back to Arkansas, back to France, then to Oklahoma City, then Fort Worth where I finally decided I was too old at 38 to keep up with the local pros. 
Mike Lambert AMA Pro #405 and $757  1977-86
Great web site, telling my buddies. For the mechanics
section you have to include Eric Crippa. I remember
seeing his photo when he was Howerton`s mechanic and he
still wrenching now!  Inspired me to take up the
profession too!  Mike at Concord Kawasaki/Yamaha
I grew up listening to my father's stories about the greatest riders of
all time.  This site really brings it home to me.  I have been riding
since I was 4 years old and have never stopped.  I really like the works
bikes that you have and can't wait to read more when you keep adding
stuff.  This is the best vintage MX site that I have seen.  Everyone who
loves motocross should visit this site to know the roots of the sport
and why it is important to know who Roger DeCoster, Joel Robert, Marty
Smith, Bob Hannah, and many others are because they are the reason it is
so big today.

Keep up the Good Work,
Eric Huff
Growing up three miles from saddleback & still here I
 share with you many memoriess.
Fantastic bio from MR. MOTOCROSS , i will buy the book!
The Technique of motocross is also stellar, to bad todays
venues are so sterile.
Dead on w/Hurricane but don't forget Dave Jennings used to
bust his chops now & then, their duals on those RM'S were
the real deal .If you could get some of that footage on video
you would blow some minds.
Please ask the the roosting tire is faster than the flying tire
crew to mention what their doing these days.
If you'd like to walk the old track let me know.
Dell Primrose.

Hello Terry, 

 Your website has totally blown my mind. The photos of the Golden State series blew my mind and brought back some great memories.
  I was in those races against Johnny "O" Mara, Rick Johnson, Ron Turner, Brian Myerscough, George Holland and so on.
  To see those pictures I thought to never see again at saddleback was to cool.
  I even pulled a holeshot on my box stock YZ -125 G, against Johnny "O"s  Mugen and all the big boys
 when "Flying" Mike Brown made me mad on the starting gate before the race. The bummer is that when I came around the first
 sweeping turn to the right, there was a big rock that caught my rear wheel as I was in a full pitch flatrack slide and
 I just about bit the big one as everyone got by me.
 I hate that rock to this day!!
 I was also at the Nationals in 1979,1980 watching Bob Hannah and Kent Howerton with Marty Tripes having some killer battles.
 Hannah even snuck my friend and I in the pits, because the security would not let us in.We hung out with all the big riders that day.
 What a collection of historic motocross bikes you have been able to get your hands on. They are in beautiful condition.
 You are one lucky guy to get your hands on one of those sweet Mugen  Hondas. Those were works of art and still are.
 I sure am happy to see that you were able to get these bikes to create a living collection of motocross history.
 Thank you for sharing this with everyone and myself through the creation of your website.
 These are the beginnings of motocross that helped manifest this sport into what it is today.
 You are keeping its memory in tact for young and old to appreciate.
 Great job and my hat is off to you. Or should I say my helmet.
   Foster Edwards 


Terry, I have spent the past two nights looking at every single page, picture, and article on what is an absolutely amazing tribute to the greatest era in the history of motocross.  Like you, I was captivated by the factory riders and their bikes of the 70's and early 80's.  You are a very lucky man to have these works of art to look at, sit on, and hopefully enjoy an occasional ride.  Thank you so much for the dedication and willingness to share your passion.  I am a HUGH Hannah fan, and spent hours looking at the fantastic pictures of his 1979 OW40 250.  I had the honor of seeing and meeting Hannah at Unadilla in 1979.  I will check the site frequently to see what is new.  Keep up the great work.  Thank you for brining my memories to life.
Mark Ware


What an awesome website, these were truly golden times in motocross and unfortunately it can be rather difficult to find anything from this great era! I lucked up with finding the site by the David Bailey shirt you have on E-bay. I frequently do searches on ebay for David Bailey because he is my favorite rider in the 80's.I would love to have the shirt, but I am quite sure it is out of my price range so I will have to be satisfied looking at it and his helmet on your website. I will frequent the website often and look forward to the updates as you do them. Thank you very much and good luck!!!!!!!!!

C. Douberly


Hello Terry,
I know you've been told hundreds of times what an awesome website you have.  It doesn't matter: you need to be told thousands of times more! 
I have never been a motocross rider or a racer in any form.  I just developed a fascination for motorcycles in the 70s that continues up to this day.  Hakan Anderson's bike was THE bike that leapt out from the pages of the magazines that were part of my daily diet then.  Problem was, there were very few photos published and a lot of them in black and white.  I used to go to the local Yamaha dealer and ask for the newsletters from the month before - just to get a glimpse of the bike somehow.
Seeing the bike in the flesh, so to speak, is like a dream come true.   Thank you very, very much for creating and maintaining such a great website. 
Bacolod City
P.S. - Is it true you have Bob Hannah's 125cc water-pumper???  Now THAT is another
          bike that captured my imagination and fantasy!   Bob Hannah is my all time
          hero :)


terry:     Great web-site, keep posting as much of this stuff as you have.  Me and my family were at '75 Oly Supercross, and major races around Dallas-Ft Worth , and Houston area in mid and late '70s, I keep coming back to your site to re-live those great memories.   Thanks and keep up the good work.

Steve Tanner


Thanks for bringing up my travels with you on the 1976 125 National Circuit. Us old racers don't get much press anymore. I LOVED your stuff. I'm sorry I lost track of you. Give me a shout and we'll catch up.  
Kim Blackseth 
AMA Pro Motocross 
Wonderful website!  I have been viewing three DVD's that I purchased from you:
Motocross Classics
Yamaha Motocross
Suzuki GP 
These are absolutely fantastic.  The footage of vintage stars like Roger DeCoster and Joel Robert is just amazing.  Man, could those guys ride!!  I hope you put one together profiling Bob Hannah, one of my favorite riders ever.  As a young enthusiast back in the late 1970's and early 1980's, Bob became one of my heroes.
Thanks for this site.  The sport of motocross is still great, but the 1960's and 1970's are irreplaceable.
Scott Vaughan 


Hi Terry, 
Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed viewing your web site.  Your collection is fabulous and the web page shares with all of us your beautiful bikes.   
I would love to visit you some day and hopefully you will visit my museum whenever you visit So. California.
All the best,
Tom White
Early Years of MX Museum, aka White Brothers guy!

Hi Terry,
Great site!! Amazing photos and bikes!
Based on the awesome content that you have, any chance of adding in some
European bikes of the 70's? Great bikes like the Husqvarna's, Maico's and
Bultaco's of that era would make your site even richer.
It's very hard to find any good documentation of the European bikes of that
Thanks and great work!

Wow, this is the coolest thing ever, Brings back alot of memories of the way things used to be and going to a race to see the "one off" factory bikes. Keep up the good work
Dave Fatino

Great collection! Is nice to see all the bikes and equipment I grew up with, as well as all the people that have created what we now have today.  Thanks for the trip down memory lane.  Mark Conley


Hey Terry, what a trip - down memory lane! Thanks for putting this site together.
I just thought I'd send some pics of one of my (many) bikes from 1980. A KX 420. A dog of a bike but the noteworthy item are the forks.
The first incarnation (I believe) of the upside down fork development (by Steve Simons).
I did a lot of the prototype machining on the upsidedowners -"USD's"- and ride/race testing as well. 
These forks pictured were being pre-tested for Brad Lackey (Hence the #6 number plate) during one of his pursuits of the World Championship  500cc title battling Andre Malherbe..
I have been riding all of my life since my first minibike at age 7. Raced the NorCal scene for about 10 years. Did the 1980 Golden State Series.
Raced places like Watsonville, Sears Point, Hangtown (both places) Carnegie, Hollister, Dixon, Sand Hill, Madera, Friday night races at Fremont Raceway, Saddleback, Oakland Staduim Supercross? Yes! Bill Spencer promotions I believe.
I worked for Simons forks for almost 8 years.. from '77 to '84. Raced a rode during that period as well.
Working at Simons and racing, I met a lot of people, mechanics and racers. (I would get Press and Pit Passes for the Nationals) many that you have mentioned here.
Whenever the Nationals came to town, a lot of the racers and mechanics would come to Simons to get their forks and shocks tuned for the race (Simons then was the distributor for Ohlins shocks) and to hang and party. I met Steve Wise, Cliff White, Roger D., Brad Lackey, Jim Pomeroy, Goat Brecker, Stig Peterson(mechanic), Marty Moates, Mike Brown (Remember LOP? Lorenze Offner Products? I am even wearing an LOP t-shirt in one of those pics) The list goes on.
Even Doug Domokos came to hang with us one week before Sears Point. We talked Doug into taking his bike to a local mall one night to "terrorize" the place and wheelie around past the shops, sidewalks and parking lot. It was a hilarious.
Coincidentally I used to practice at a place in Sunnyvale and Santa Clara where we would try and beat this "crazy-fast" rider.  I remember it well,  and for whatever reason, his bike had no seat, just a piece of 2x4 duct taped to the frame. Rumor was that his dad wanted to force him to stand up more. Who was it? Danny Chandler.
I even met a few celebs at Simons; Gene Hackman, one of the Ramones (can't remember who though), Heather Locklear who was dating a Team Yamaha Factory mechanic, and John Bonham (of Led Zep) and his son Jason who came in to get parts for his forks.
I could go on with the names and places, but I won't ;-)
So yeah, I grew up in that magical era of the motocross scene of the 60's, 70's and 80's
memories; Simons, Moto-X Fox, Protopipe, Turner Racing. DG racing, JT, Jofa, Whoop-De-Chews!, Koho (what? hockey gear? Yes.)
FMF, etc etc. Raise your hand if you remember Blendzall (how sweet it is), stinger pipes, compression releases and lineman boots!
Take Care,
-Mike Sommer
Folsom, Ca -
by way of Mountain View, Ca. (Where we used to ride our minibikes and motorcycles, Google now sits on top of that dirt.)

Hi, Just visited your site, and may I say, I love it! I started riding and
racing in 1971 and have been riding motorcycles ever since. I loved being around
for the birth of American MX and DirtBike magazine. All the personalities of the
riders, the bikes, and the tracks were something very special to me and
something Ill never forget. Seeing the stories on your site from the real top
world MX riders was like a breath of fresh air on memory lane! Seeing the bikes
was wonderful and I've been back again and again since I saw the site the first
time a month ago! Thanks again for a great place to go to see the way it was!

Kevin Vaughn

Man, what can I say? You did what I should've done back
in the late 70's,head west. I often wonder, but I'll
never know what could've been.
Every once in a while I see something that brings me
back to those great years of motocross. I just get lost
in your website. How cool is it to look at the stars
AND bikes of yesteryear? I remember most all of those
guys/bikes. When a guy wanted it so bad, he'd travel the
nation on a mission to hopefully gain a factory
ride. Just about unheard of now.
Motocross just isn't the same anymore. And your site
just enables those of us that remember the good old
days, to take a long look back in time! T-Totally kewl
Roger Sjodin
raced 70's era


Terry it was great talking to you again the other day,
what a great collection of machines you have ,thanks for the cool DVD s and i hope you had a chance to check out my yz s on my web site this should bring back a memory or two. take care i'll talk to you soon until then keep on diggin up the awesome bikes and parts and i'll keep sending people to your site.
Hank Merenda  action motorsports Hesperia ca

I found some old 1974 thru 1976 issues of Motocross Action and Dirt Bike and
reminisced.  I guess Marty Smith on his fire engine red Honda 125 was my
favorite.  I hated when Hanna beat him out in 1976, even though I was also a
Hanna fan.  I loved it when Smith dusted them at the U. S. Grand Prix.  I read
the article about his first race on an open bike. He hated it.  Got 4th, though.
He said it was too fast, but the writer suggested that the competition would
never have agreed to him entering his 125 in that race.
 I love the photo of Karsmaker's RC 400.  I was reading an old article where he
won at Mexico, New York, I think on that very bike. 
Jammin' Jimmy Weinert on Kawasaki and Tony D on his 250  Suzuki were also
favorites of mine. 
Bring back the Trans-AMA.

Thanks for your site.
Suggestion: interviews with the riders.
Mark B.

Hi Terry, What a cool site really nice. I am from South Africa and started racing way back in 1983. I still ride  but must admit I miss the old days I remember when American riders dominated South African Motocross.  Like Rex Staten 1982 – 1983, Larry Wosick 1984 – 1998 and Jim Tarantino 1984. Jim Tarantino still lives In South Africa and at the ripe old age of 40+ still hauls ass on a MX bike. He only rides on a social basis these days. You must have ridden against him in your day I know he was AMA Rookie of the year 1982 and King Of Saddleback. He beat “ Rocket “ Rex Staten to the 1984 South African National 250cm² championship before retiring to start a business here Promotion Products.   Keep up the good work.

 Regards, Brett # 490 RCR Kawasaki  

Hello Terry
Well done on a fantastic website .I love the old works bikes of days gone by.
Keep up the good work .
Steve Wood  (England)
Thanks so much for your website. When I was just a wee taka I had (and still have) a huge poster of Andre Malherbe above my bed and dreamed of one day entering the open class on a CR500. Finally I bought one but by that time the 500cc class was finished.
The 80's was such an amazing era. I raced juniors on the same ticket as Stephen Gall, Anthony Gunter and a young Jeff Leisk. The Golden Breed Mr. Motocross Series. I was beside myself being around those guys seeing OW's and SR's. The last big race at Amaroo Park saw Jim Gibson having a crack at it all. I still have his J.T. Honda jersey. I remember Stephen Gall coming over the quads on his OW40 before the main straight and his back wheel collapsing and of course me breaking my arm.
Looking through all the photos and reading all the stuff takes me back. Memories memories memories!!
As other people have written to you, I also do a lot of surfing around the MX world and yours is the best historical site. Again, thank you you have reignited my passion. Just one question, where do I go to see these bike in the flesh?
Kindest Regards,
Richard Robb
Sydney Australia

Hey Terry,
Great Site……I read your introduction and I believe I met you way back in early 70’s at that infamous sand track in Oscoda Michigan.   I was just 14 and camping at the track with my dad and brothers.  I remember meeting a guy on race day, who was working on a Yamaha just behind the starting line.  As I recall there was a mad scramble to install a expansion chamber on the bike just prior the race.  I remember this fact because the new pipe was really loud.  I’m thinking one of the K&W boys supplied the pipe??/
Does any of this jog your memory…I know this was a long time ago.  This was the very early days of Motocross in the US and certain things stay with you for a long time.  I’m still involved in motorcycles, never raced as a kid (chicken) but joined AHRMA about 4 years ago and now race a 1971 CZ  250, yellow tanker.  For some one who’s ridden dirt bikes for 35 years, I can’t believe how slow I am.  At least when I fall I’m guaranteed to get up!!!
Terry…even if you’re not the dude that I helped 35 years ago, you have a open invitation to ride the Oscoda track again.  My family ended up buying a cabin about 4 miles from the track in 1979, and I bought a cabin across the street from them in 1995.  This past Memorial weekend I rode my DR350 dual sport over to the track.  It way over grown now but you can still do the whole track.  Its still long, deep sand and endless whoops. If you close your eyes and let your mind drift back, you can still hear the open pipes. I still remember the K&W boys and a Bul rider with bib overalls and oh yeah helping some guy named Terry install a pipe on a Yamaha.
I’m serious if you want to ride the track again give me a shout.
Take care,
Michael D. Goodlaski

Hello Terry
It's a fantastic site,especially the pitures from Sten Lundin with his Lito.
peter Rietman


Hello Terry,
Great site, I can't get enough of it.  You show the Works Bikes of Yesteryear are truly works of art.   
Any chance on seeing some photos of the Works Honda Twin MX'r from the late 70's? 
Keep up the good work and thank-you,
Joe G.

Dear Terry,

I stumbled onto your site recently, and I want to say thank you for putting it up for all of us old Motocrosser’s to see. After reading your bio, I was amazed to see how parallel our histories are! I think I am a little older than you, but like you I started racing in 1972 also on DT2MX. In 1975 I worked at a Yamaha dealership in Florida and I drove to Jacksonville, Florida to pick up my YZ250B which was one of the first ones in the state. What an incredible bike for its time! After that my bikes were: 1977 YZ250, 1978 YZ250, 1980 YZ465 and lastly a 1985 CR500. I was not able to devote as much time to racing as I would have liked, and only raced amateur races in Florida off and on throughout the 70’s. I was fortunate to see so many great riders, many of the ones you mention here like Karsmakers (I must admit he was my hero) and Hannah. I saw probably every Winter-Am and every Trans-AMA race held in Florida. Also like you, I had to sneak into the pits!! I can remember seeing DeCoster coming to the pits after a 45 min moto and putting his bike on the stand and he would be barely breathing hard and thinking about how tired I woild get after a 15 min moto. And believe me the sand tracks in Florida got VERY rough. The Trans-AMA race was held each year at a track called the Orlando Sports Stadium. Karsmakers was incredible at this track and we would run from fence to fence to see him attack the jumps which he would fly so much further than the other riders of the time…… was incredible. I remember reading an interview with Pierre Karsmakers in a Cycle World magazine from the mid 70’s and he was asked his favorite track in America and he said the Orlando track because it was like the tracks in Holland, I wonder if he remembers that? You are a very lucky man indeed to be able to be around these incredible machines and to have been lucky enough to meet these incredible atheletes. I was only able to see them from afar but I sure wish I could have to talked to many of them. I did meet Tony DiStefano through a friend that he grew up with and he was an incredibly nice man. I could go on and on……but the reality is those were the best times of my life, and I miss it terribly. But like everything else, when you get old those days are over. As time went on, I realized one of my biggest regrets was not trying harder at becoming a Pro, and not collecting more pictures of my racing. I have very few clippings and blurry old pictures of myself but the few I do have I treasure. I live in Nebraska now and it is all just a distant memory….but such great memories that I cherish. I hope you will continue to update the site with new information on more works bikes and I will check in often. Keep up the good work and best of luck in the future

Jim Pomeroy will be greatly missed by us all!


Bob Perkett


Hi Terry! I happened upon your site the other day, while looking for pics of works Hondas.. I’ve been a fan of the trick early to mid 80s factory bikes that David Bailey, Bob Hannah, Johnny O, etc rode. I even tried to get my CR80 to look like them. I changed over to KTM when I got a little bigger, since I wanted lights.. I attached a poor quality shot of my 86 KTM 250 EXC. It was pretty trick for it’s day, White Power inverts (with Z Racing springs that I installed), WP shock, Metzeler tires (custom studded for winter riding) Z racing clutch, pipe, jetting.. Answer silencer (I recall those being the hot thing back then) Sidewinder sprockets, etc.. I recall using Honda CR bend bars, a CR clutch lever.. I ran the MX tank for playing on the MX track, but it had the large tank for woods riding and longer trail rides. About the only things I didn’t like about this bike was the rock hard seat, and the flimsy foot pegs… 

I’d love to see more articles on the big works Hondas, like David Bailey’s 500, and others. There are photos on the web of all of them, from various museums, that I drool over almost daily. I’m mostly fascinated by the big bore bikes, with the asymmetrical radiators, and the drop side fuel tanks. I’d love to see anything you can do on those bikes. I saw Dave Thorpe’s 500 at the museum in Hockenheim Germany at the race track there.. I love those bikes!!! I just noticed the articles on the Japanese Works bikes too, holy sick! I love that stuff..

I really like the in depth articles. It was awesome seeing RJ’s bike. I still remember vividly seeing that holeshot he took at the last USGP in Carlsbad.. He kicked butt then!!!

Thanks for the memories! 



hey I just came across your web site and if I can get my pay pal set up right I'm looking forward to getting the video's.,,,, of course #4 got my attention, on my ''true'' works honda. that was when they were works bikes... Richard Eierstedt






Hi Terry,
What a fabulous collection of pix.   It is very VERY exciting to see NEW
photos from the old era!
Keep piling 'em in, mate!

Roger Harvey
VMX Magazine


Many friends of mine in the business of Motocross often have referred to your website as a well of history regarding the sport of Motocross.  Finally I started going to your website and have been reading bits and pieces of it for a couple months now and for some reason its almost addictive to see all that history that I wish I could have been a part of.  I was a big fan and had been to Lake Sugartree Va, and Mexico NY (Unadilla) to watch some GP events and can remember some of these guys from the pits, but only raced at local events and would love to have had the skill to go pro. (who hasn't?)   I can't put it into words enough to tell you that your hard work has been my enjoyment.  You have covered all the bases with the people (Mikkola, Hannah, Smith to name a few) and the places (Hangtown) to make my memory kick in to overdrive.  The people who made this sport great are so graciously acknowledged by how you formatted this and it's high time someone took the time to recognize the amazing feats these men of Iron performed. 
Thank you
Stanton Doucette


Found your site by accident and really enjoyed the history.
I was a child of the 60's & 70's motocross times and was fortunate enough to live the dream for awhile.  Started on a blue Honda trail 70, riding in an olive grove, in 1968 and wrapped it up on a 450 Maico, racing in the Coliseum in 1981. 
Roger, Heikki, Miroslav, Ake, Jim Pomeroy, Brad Lackey... all the heroes of the day.
Good times back then,,,,,
Thank you for the work on the site... 
Mike Griffin
Sylmar, ca

I just came across your site. It was refreshing seeing all those old works bikes and reading what some of the originals had to say. How incredible it was for me to see Roger DeCoster, Sylvan Gebors, Ake Jonson racing in the Houston, TX Trans Am events when I was a young kid. Who would have every know that this guy from south Texas would one day have Roger D. and Dave Arnold as my Team Honda managers when I was a factory rider. I will continue watching for new things on your site.

 Best wishes, 
 Steve Wise

searching your website i realized,
i was the dumb kid always in everybody else's way at Indian dunes Ca.
it made me remember sitting at the start line just ahead the chain link fence at the shadow glen track, waiting and watching the previous class to finish, and when the international track had a flat start straight, with a abrupt hill at the end, with people stopping their cars standing outside the park to watch the starts from highway 126.
baymare had a rubber band start.
npg was the best 2 stroke oil, and everyone wore Yellowstone gloves.
lacr was called anzac.
i got disqualified from hopetown for riding a tm250 in the 350 class.
pitting with the crew of mxa at saddleback park, getting my clock cleaned by Jones, Minert, Olsen, and countless others in the vet class.
watching luscious Luella flirt with the troops after the races.
itching to be old enough to race old timers, and steal some trophies, which never happened.
cool site....
joe broussard


       Just discovered your web site and was blown away. I just preceded you in the motocross world slightly. My name is Paul Hockin. I raced (and won) at some of the first Oscoda races. I used to race with the likes of Tim Hardwick, Dick Robbins, Barry Mayo and Randy Goss to name a few. Had a “consignment “ ride with Bultaco east through Macomb cycle in Mt. Clemons. Raced a Florida winter series or two and ended up settling down in the south. I first started riding “scrambles” events before this countries introduction to moto-x. Used to race scrambles at Brighton Michigan. Raced primarily Bultaco Pursang 250’s.  Would really enjoy hearing from you.

Best regards,

Paul Hockin


In my 48 years, motocross has been a big part of my motorsports hobby. Back in the 70s, arguably the biggest height of U.S. motocross, when I raced as a youngster (I raced against the Flyin' Freckle Jeff Ward and Brian Myerscough at Southern California's Indian Dunes), I always looked forward to reading about my hero's in Dirt Bike Magazine. But it was those works bikes that fascinated me. I was always found it interesting on how they evolved. Seeing and reading about the vintage works bikes and the stories of the men who rode and worked on them in your site makes me beg for more. For many of us readers, we can relive the early motocross era and learn more than when we were young. ---Congratulations on a job well done!
Roy Juan



As you, I also rode some (not all) 125 Nationals in '76.  I broke into the top 10 overall at Houston and ended up earning National #49 for '77.  My traveling buddies Barry Duncan and Glenn Johnson (also from Houston) scored Top 10's the next week in New Orleans while I made the front page of the local newspaper the next day as I was crashing in the first turn.  Great web site and I'm hooked!

Glen Urquhart
AMA National #49 1977

Just finished reading Part 3 of the series on the 1976 125 Nationals.
Many, many thanks for putting this together.  I remember the articles in
Dirt Bike magazine regarding the Nationals during that time period, but
the level of detail that you have achieved with this series is

Please continue with the good work.  Without folks like yourself to
document this important part of moto-history, a lot this stuff would
just be lost...  

Love the website and look forward to more memorable articles like this

Thanks again,
Scott White


  Have to say that this is a phenomenal site and for us vintage racers privateer and professional,   I believe that there will be no other time like the period from 1972 to 1978.   This period had new stars, radical technology, nationalism, and a feeling that is missing from today’s motocross.   

Love the preservation of the bikes and pictures and the input of the riders.   If this was a coffee table book I would buy it in a second.   Looking to buy your CD.

Thank you,

Dan Murray



My racing partner Jeff doesn't spend much time on the net but I made him read the 1976 125 article and he said you did such a great job of putting that together it blew away anything ever in any book or magazine on any M/X topic.

Pat Knopp



A big congratulations for the time and effort put into the article on the 1976 125cc championship. I have just read the last part and loved every bit, they sound like amazing times and definitely helped to define the sport in a big way. After reading these articles it helps me to understand what it was like for my father in those days, stories of mounting the shocks upside down to get people guessing and then quickly changing them back before a race, by then people had done it themselves and of course they weren’t designed to work like that! I look forward to reading more articles on the history of our sport, keep up the great work.


Brad Stark


Hello Terry, 
I really enjoy your website and usually access it at least once a day. I raced during the 1970s and your pictures and articles bring back a lot of good memories. I witnessed something back in the late 70s that really impressed me and anytime the subject of sportsmanship comes into a conversation I have to tell it. It was around 1977 and David Bailey was coming up through the amature ranks riding a Bultaco in the 250 A class I think. We were racing at Rolling Hills Cycle Park in Reidsville NC and David and another rider ( I can't remember his name) put on a great show during the first moto until the other rider broke a rear shock. I along with several others made our way to the pits and watched the rider and his father work frantically and unsuccessfully trying to repair the broken shock before the 2nd moto. It seemed as though David was destined to ride away with the second moto. Suddenly Gary Bailey, David's father, walked out of the crowd with a set of shocks (If I remember correctly they were Fox Airshoxs) and told the rider to use the shocks in the second moto and if he beat David he could have them. "Unbelievable" I don't know if it had the impact on the other people standing around, but it sure made an impression on this Hillbilly. The "Professors" lesson for that day was sportsmanship and helping a fellow competitor. The Bailey's are good people and have made great contributions to the sport of motocross. 
Eddie Hylton 
Bluefield WV 



I was just reading your “On The Line” column and wanted to say good job and keep up the good work. I agree with you about the mid to late 1970’s being a special era in MX. I remember watching and reading about the top riders back then and thinking they were gods. I also remember going to a national and being in awe of the works bikes. People now don’t realize how awesome and cool those bikes were, especially the open class bikes

I just received your Honda DVD and was watching the 1982 Daytona SX segment and noticed that out of the top ten riders I think eight of them were past, present or future national champions. Wow, talk about stiff competion.

Dave Fatino


Hi there, 
The bike of the month appears to become the bike of the year..... 
good luck on your otherwise beautiful site! 
cheers Marcel Klink 
The Netherlands (Europe)


Hey Terry,
    That photo was very cool. Even though I never raced motorcycles I did race BMX in the mid-70's and I always styled myself after the Swedish MX stars, Ake Jonsson and Torleif Hansen included. Your site is great for guys like me that really enjoyed that time in motocross. I used to go to the Trans-AMAs at Carnigie and Sears Point. I still have the Hallman Eneqvist jersey that I bought off Aberg for $10.00 at the Sears Point Trans-AMA in 77 or 78. I also have all the stickers I collected at those races and at the hotels the day before the race during tech inspection. I also have a bunch of autographs of a lot of the riders during that time. I'd personally like to see more pics of the Swedes in the mid-70's as well as pictures of the bikes of that time. Keep up the great work, I visit your site quite a bit.
   Mike Rush


Great site, I've been visiting your site for quite a while, and frankly it is the best by far. The RH80 is to me the most beautifull motorcycle ever made.
Salutations distinguées,
Daniel Champagne


Dear Terry,
Once again, congratulations for your wonderful website!
I’m a frequent visitor (at least 2 times a week) and, as usual, subjects are all of top interest!
Terry, sometimes I wonder how you’ve found the bikes and I’m sure you have interesting stories to tell!
This is one of my humble suggestions, “discovering the bikes”, and the other suggestion is a column “where are they now” that could
tell us how is the life now, of those great champions who made the history of our sport!
I know that some of them live with great difficulties and were complete forgotten by factories who owe them so many victories!
Well Terry, thank you once again for your precious work!
By the way, the 1976 OW27 is a awesome restoration!
Kind Regards


Hello Terry,
Just came across your site.
Very interesting.
Probably you are mainly interested in American MX history, but thought you may like to look at my site. It's non-commercial, I pay for it all & load the information myself.
One section is called "Those were the days" where I've installed & continue to install stories about the earlier times.
I did ride in USA during the European winters between about 1958 & 1961, mainly in So Cal, & mainly on the desert, but some TT-scrambles & early MX - before there were any jumps in American MX, & when K model Harleys were still part of that scene!
Tim Gibbes,


Hello Terry
It is overwhelming to sit in front of a computer and enjoy your web-site, it is incredible, where do you find these machines. In 1972 l had the pleasure to see and meet Adolf Weil, Willy Bauer, Roger De Coster, Joel Robert, Bengt Aberg, Andy Roberton at Calder Parks Raceway here in Australia it was one of my best memories of racing that l have ever seen. lt would be great to capture that meeting with all the world champions together. and we must not forget falta, Vic Allen, Jeff Smith Dave Bickers, etc.
You are a very lucky man to have the pleasure of knowing these true champions that we all Adour and admirer so much. Here in Australia the vintage race meetings have been running for 17 years, time fly's, so what you are achieving is very important not just for yourself but very important for the rest of us around the world who dearly loves this great sport of motocross and our heroes.
 Keep it up Terry. great work and best wishes
Vintage rules and rust never sleeps.
David Alsop


Hi Terry,
Just had to drop you a line to say "awesome" website,  I kind of stumbled across it whist looking for mugen honda info, and then I find out you were lucky enough to own one!! The closest I ever got was to race against one here in the UK! - I guess that must be the one that you mention went to Europe? I still wonder where it is now? hopefully it's still around, would love to trace it's history - I still remember the guys name who raced it, at the time his Dad was the UK importer for DG performance products, guess that's how he managed to get hold of one of these truly special machines!
Keep up the good work, it's brought back many memories for me, of a time that can never be replaced.
All the best


Hi Terry, 

 I really enjoyed the recap of the 1976 125 nationals!  It sure brought back some great memories.  I'm sure that our paths must have crossed several times as I raced in 6 of the 8 nationals as #98 on a Honda.  My home track was Delta and was pleasantly surprised to see myself in that photo of the start of moto 2 (Delta)  That's me sliding right behind Warren Reid. (sort of over cooked it, ha) Jon Leak was a good friend and we went to a lot of races together.  I rode out of a shop in Toledo called Piasecki's. Anyway, thanks so much for putting that together and for having such an awesome website!

Best wishes,
Jeff Greenberg
Ps- I still have some of those Pennzoil stickers and pit passes!


Hi Terry!           

I LOVE the Bob Hannah attention lately! He’s one of my all time favorite riders. I’m glad the community is paying tribute to him as well. It’s awesome to see the latest shots of the RC250!!! I’d love to see more from that era, even if the old bikes are awesome, the mid 80s works bikes are my all time favorite.

Thanks for a killer site!!!!!!



   I just finished your story about Robert's truly are a blessed person. That story was one of the coolest I have read about ANYTHING in a long time...truly amazing. I hope to possibly see that bike and Andersson's sometime when I'm tour in the Chicago area if you'll let me. I'm sure you already have but if you don't, get Terry Pratt's book about the 1972 GP's, ton's of cool pics. I just sat there reading and shakin' my head at how amazing the whole story was. VERY COOL.
    Mike Rush


Hi Terry,
  Thanks so much for posting the RH72 story on finding the Holy Grail. Can you even place a Value on that bike? I've read your story at least 15 times and can only imagine what your brain was going through when a much older Joel Robert was tearing up your backyard with his fully restored GP bike. I did have a question though. Did the other collector, Clive, ever restore the 370? If so, is there any link ect. to check it out? Thanks Terry and I can't wait for more future write-ups. Keep up the awesome work.
Strykmaster Out


   I would like to suggest that you include Jimmy Ellis in your web site. He is a legend in the New England area and was one of the fastest riders of his time according to Bob Hannah. I think the inclusion of some European works bikes would also be of much interest. Factory Maico and Husqvarna ,as well as, Can Am would round out the web site nicely. Please consider this request. In the meantime, you have a great site that I have told many people about. Keep up the good work! Thanks, Richard Roberts


I love your site.  I was just in Daytona and met lots of great riders, old and new.  I have always been interested in the guys who rode before me and your site is a bloody haven.  It's awesome to see so many of them writing in and commenting.  I can still feel the excitement from guys like Steve Wise, Pierre Karsmakers and Torsten Hallman.
Thank you again,
John McNamara


I would like to add my thanks for your wonderful site.
It is really great to see the detail, thought and engineering that went into the works bikes of this period. We either didn't get to see the detail or we didn't appreciate the detail. Seeing it as a collection most certainly gives us the appreciation.
Cheers and thanks, Graeme Rowe


Hey Terry,

I just spent a couple great and memorable hours on your web-site.  Awesome!  I remember Glen Apling Jr. and his foxy sisters Jan, Kim, and Candace (I think).  We used to hang out at the races at OCIR, ride mopeds to the beach and having fun in the 70's.  One night after Warren Reid and I had raced at Ascot we got a great surprise when we stopped by Honda with Jon R.  Jon R. met Marty Smith there to check out his first new Works bike.  It was so great.....Smith was like a little kid at Christmas....LOL...  Great memories!  Thank you very much Terry!
Ty Richey


Mr. Terry Good,  As a kid I always loved dirtbikes as I got older I started to understand them! when I got out of high school back in 1978 I just had a love for the bikes that are termed   !works!  back in the days if you didn't have a motocross action magazine in your book bag you weren't really wailing!  today as a hobby of mine I draw these beautiful wonders of machinery in full detail just as if they were sitting on top off an old steel wired milk crate! Mr. good your site has made my drawing dreams come true!  factory works Hondas, Yamahas, Kawasakis, Maicos and Suzukis back in the days were the bikes to fear and be very scared of! and they still are today!  keep up the excellent! work!              

James Ira Hill


Hi Terry,
Just read your story about the discovery of Joel Robert Suzuki 250! Outstanding!!!
That’s a story you should have (if possible) to all of your bikes :-)
For when a story about Marty Smith Honda RC125M type 2?
Thank you for your contribution on Mx history!


Hello Terry
After reading the Holy Grail story for the umpteenth time, I still cannot register in my mind how a person could take a World Championship winning bike (Unarguably the trickest works bike ever produced on this planet) and thourghly trash it. Were they throwing it out of a moving vehicle going 65 mph down the hi-way, or maybe running it off cliffs? From the looks of it, I wouldn't want to be on the same track let alone the same county anytime Stephen B. was riding a dirt bike. Your steadfast dedication to finding and restoring this historical gem was a masterpiece for us enthusiasts and thank you for sharing. Do you know if Clive has ever done anything with the RN. I understand the RN was Joel's international bike. It would be great to hear if any progress has been made on that bike. Keep up the great work!


Terry, You have preserved the greatest thing in my opinion… the past! As we get older (I’m 41 now, started riding when I was 8) those adult responsibilities, inevitably, seem to take hold. I really had a golden youth growing up in the north end of Escondido in a place called Hidden Meadows. A lot of open land in ’73 and really still ‘til I moved out on my own in ’89. It was all about motocross. Barona Oaks, Carlsbad, just riding at home for god’s sake! Every year the USGP would come to the beach, I was just excited. Though being so little, it was hard to make it those early years. Those are some of the many memories that I will never forget. Memories you have preserved. I grew up in a freakin’ natural dirt bike heaven. All my friends rode… it was just natural. I think I was the only kid at 8 years old that could ride to my third grade friends’ houses which were miles apart. From home to the local tracks, to Elsinore and the local deserts, dirt bikes represented and were freedom. And motocross was a way, in my opinion, to show off the fruition of all the time and effort practicing and riding, in a healthy, professional way. That has stuck with me my whole life. To rise up in the face of adversity. To face and overcome your fears, while honing skills that will never be lost. And the fun factor, though always dangerous, was off the charts. I really have a great appreciation for what you have done - to help preserve the priceless pieces of a past that will be with me forever. Those images live in my mind like ghosts of good times long past…Thank you so very much, Chris Martens   P.S. What a well deserved and great picture of you and your son with Joel and Hakan… truly special for so many reasons…


My Goodness, have you taken me back to a wonderful place in my past! I was farting around on the web, looking for an image of Joel and his 72 Suzuki to use as my desktop, when I discovered your unimaginably wonderful site. The pictures of Joel were just the start. The stories, even better. Then, toss in all the other bikes and names from a past that I'd hated to leave behind, and I'm just on overload. I don't know if words, right now, can express how overcome with joy I am at this minute. You have done something wonderful, man. You have allowed, not just yourself, but those of us who otherwise might not be able, to stay in touch with and have an almost visceral connection to, a past which for me might just have been the purest and most innocent days of my life. Thank you so much.
I plan to return to your store and look into ordering a DVD or two.
Thanks again,
Hal Jones

Hello Terry ,

Greetings from Spain .  My attention has been drawn to your site via Ed Youngblood so congratulations on giving so much pleasure to the enthusiasts of Moto-Cross over the years .  I had 21 years myself . Of course , now at 80 years of age , I go back a bit further and benefit from a Grandfather who started with the first ever Scramble ( Moto-Cross ) on Bagshot Heath ( Nr Aldershot UK ) early 1900's . For your interest I attach a photo of my 500cc Manx Norton which we made for Norton 1952/3 and was certainly recognized as the best machine of the era .  The bike is now beautifully restored and in the National Museum . UK.. You probably know that Fred Mork ( AHRMA )  restored my last bike with the short stroke Manx engine which I believe has been on view in the Hall of Fame Museum If I can help with any information of those days just give me a call,

Best Regards

Les Archer


Terry, I have been visiting your site for quite a while now.  It is amazing.  I am so glad people such as you are preserving the history of the sport.  Like you, I was racing motocross in the mid 70s as a teenager; what a time that was.  I wanted to share with you my recent tribute to DeCoster's 77 RN400.  It's an "ebay works bike"!!   Charlie Stevenson.













































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