1982 Suzuki RA82


 1982 Suzuki RA82

The 1982 Suzuki 125 RA82 featured here was ridden by Katsushi Yamamoto to 2nd overall in the 125 All Japan Motocross Championship. The RA82 was the most successful 125 in the world in 1982 winning the 125 world championship in Europe with Eric Geboers, It won the  AMA 125 national championship with Mark "The Bomber" Barnett and it won the All Japan Motocross Championship with Masanori Ohzeki.  The Full Floater was undeniably the best rear suspension on the natural terrain tracks at the time and combined with the excellent works KYB front forks, works Suzuki RA horsepower and the super light weight, made this bike the best 125 in 1982. The bike is all original and has been in this collection for the last couple of years. We still need to do a complete teardown and reclean and we will do everything possible to keep it as original as possible. Once we are finished we will take some photos and do a full feature on the bike. Enjoy the preview photos below.

 Once the bike was purchased, our friend Holly handled all of the crating and shipping arrangements. Mr. Holly is a real pro.


 Katsushi Yamamoto jumping to an early lead in an All Japan Motocross championship race in 1982

 The RA125 was the bike to beat in 1982 winning every major professional championship in the world.

Yamamoto applying works Suzuki power in the mud. 

The faces on the fans look like they are thinking "Yeah if I had that bike I could do that too."