The Ake Jonsson Collection is happy and honored to announce we have acquired the Ake Jonsson collection. We had been in contact with Ake over the last few years about the possibility of obtaining these priceless treasures campaigned by Ake during the pinnacle of his Hall of Fame career. As far as we are concerned these bikes have very few peers and really fit into the theme and direction of our collection. Ake Jonsson one of the best motocross riders ever to throw a leg over a motorcycle had an incredible career that spanned from the early 1960’s through the late 1970’s.

In Europe he is probably best known as the factory Maico rider who had the 1971 500cc World Championship in his grasp only to have it slip away at the last race by a freak mechanical. In the US Ake is best known for his incredible performance during the 1972 Trans AMA series, winning 9 races in a row in the 11 race series. The 1972 Trans-AMA winning Maico and the 1972 works GP Maico are in this collection as well as Ake’s 1975 works Yamaha OW26 GP bike. Also in the collection are over 500lbs of new and used works Yamaha parts spanning from 1973 through 1975 including many of the actual parts from Ake’s infamous “Yamaico.”

The Trans-AMA Maico is currently being brought to its original condition as was last raced by Ake at the Saddleback Trans-AMA where Ake won all three motos. The all original (nearly as it left the track) GP Maico is being cleaned up by’s Chris MacAllister. Both Maico resto/clean-ups are being supervised by Ake and will be featured on this site once they are finished. The 1975 Yamaha OW26 and some incredible and historical parts photos will soon follow.

As a bonus Ake Jonsson himself has agreed to walk us through his account of his amazing 1972 GP and Trans-AMA season. This will be the first time in print that we know of to this extent. We are presently working with Ake on this now.

Ake Jonsson's 1972 Trans-AMA Maico Restoration