Suzuki Japan Race Shop

Inside Suzuki of Japan's Works Race Shop

Our secret undercover spy jumped over the barbed wire fence, out ran the dogs and crawled for over a hundred yards in the mud to get into the top secret Suzuki works race shop to take these never before seen "Belt Buckle Camera" snapshots back in the mid 1980's. The bike that really stood out to us was a never before seen water-cooled experimental works 500. Take your time a check these out. Cool stuff.

 A row  of works 250's in the foreground and a row of 125's at the top/left of the photo. All in various stages of assembly and setup configurations.

 This is the area of the race shop where the works bikes are assembled and serviced. It looks like organized confusion.

 Works bikes with various setups for testing.

 A very rare works water-cooled 500 that never left Japan. Checkout the larger radiator and modified shroud used to cool down the works big bore. Nice swingarm.

 Our belt buckle camera got a little blurry on the right side shot of the big bore zook. Note the disc brake and the massive drum brake.

 Another shot of the 500 works bike. Checkout the oversized aluminum gas tank that feeds the thirsty 500.

 "Did I just hear a camera click?"

 Out at the test track for a secret test session.

 Team Suzuki transporters are state of the art for the 1980's.



 Behind the race shop

A quick peek into the road race section. Checkout the hand formed gas tank. Big bucks in here.