Taichi Yoshimura Rides Again!

On April 19th 2014 motocross history was made in Japan.

Taichi Yoshimura, Honda’s first factory motocross rider, rode a 1972 works Honda RC335C (RC250M) for the first time in 42 years. The bike he rode was the result of a TOP SECRET project to build a reproduction of the original 335C. That’s right a reproduction. You see there are no known original 1972 RC250’s in existence. The only original 1972 RC Honda works bike is the RC125M in the MXworksbike collection.

Honda had been searching the world for an original bike for years. After coming up blank, it was decided to get out the original drawings and build a bike from scratch. The project was an all-out cost is no object program to build it exactly as the first bike was built in 1972. Honda does this with very significant bikes that have made history. The 1967 250 six cylinder comes to mind.

The works RC335C was first seen in public at an All Japan Motocross race at the official Honda display in early April and then it was scheduled for Taichi Yoshimura to actually ride the bike for the first time on April 19th at another All Japan Motocross event. The press was there in droves to document the event. We were contacted back in March with the request of possibly sending our original Taichi Yoshimura jersey for Taichi to wear for the event but another turned up.

Our good friend and correspondence Hisao Yoshitomo photographed the historic event and was kind enough to send these photos for our enjoyment. We are very happy to see that Honda built this bike and that they see the value in preserving their significant achievements in the history of motocross.


For the history of the Honda 335C see our article by Holly and Taichi Yoshimura in the bikes section on the 1972 Honda RC125M.

Enjoy the photos.