1975 Yamaha OW26

Ake Jonsson's 1975 Yamaha OW26 is probably the sleekest and most exotic of all the works Yamaha's. The OW26 is loaded with cutting edge development and innovations as Yamaha went all out in new directions designing this bike and their efforts paid off. Jimmy Weinert won the 1975 500cc National Championship on a bike very similar to this and in early 1976, Yamaha rookie Bob Hannah won every single race in the Florida Winter-AMA series on a 1975 OW26. In Europe Ake Jonsson was plagued with injuries and missed some key races but still got 4th overall in the 1975 World Championship on this very bike. As far as we know it is the only example in the world and it is all original. We decided to take it out and shoot a few photos because soon we will take it completely apart for a major cleaning and a little touch-up here and there. A full detailed feature on this site will soon follow with comments from Ake himself.